5 Ways to Drive Mobile Growth in 2019 and Beyond

July 17, 2019
2019 is a huge year for mobile growth — and a tipping point for brands who are trying to drive acquisition, revenue, and retention for their apps.

Are you prepared for the emergence of the cross-platform user? How are you acquiring, engaging, and retaining your app users? Is your attribution as cross-platform as your users are?

Discover the tools and best practices today’s leading brands are using to tackle acquisition, engagement, retention, advocacy, and attribution in the 2019 Mobile Growth Handbook.

Hosted by Branch co-founder Mada Seghete, we discuss:

- Exclusive tips and best practices from top mobile growth experts
- The data you need to help you better understand the mobile app ecosystem
- An overview of the impact of the cross-platform user on the mobile market - including first-party Branch data