Acquisition Diversification - Fireside Chat with MyFitnessPal

With the world making strides towards re-normalization and recent privacy policy changes, big questions surrounding user acquisition and retention are looming over marketers across all industries. Will users still spend as much time digitally? With iOS 14 attribution changes, what’s the best way to maximize our organic & owned channels for acquisition? How can we retain customer engagement with summer around the corner? Join us as Casey Braunreuther, Product Marketing Manager at MyFitnessPal, shares MyFitnessPal’s perspective on user acquisition, engagement and retention.

Join us to learn:

- How MyFitnessPal increased blog to app traffic by 157% YOY and increased View-to-Installs by +50%
- How MyFitnessPal diversified their app growth strategy through their blog, product highlights, seasonal promotions, and web food search features.
- MyFitnessPal’s acquisition & app growth plans for 2021 and beyond