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March 22, 2017
Deepview n. [deep-vyoo]

A browser-based rendition (splash page) that is visible on desktop or mobile web, of content that resides within a native app, accompanied by a deep link that routes the user to the appropriate content within the app.

Examples of Deepviews

1. “When a user clicks on one of our links, they see a Deepview if they don’t have the app. Otherwise, they get taken straight to our app.”

2. “We use Deepviews as our desktop splash page for our app, with an SMS-to-download field that sends a deep link to users' phones, allowing them to download the app.”

3. “Deepviews allow for more organic growth since our native app is now discoverable and viewable on web search.”

Origin of Deepview

First Known Use: New product naming brainstorm session, Branch offices, Palo Alto, July 2015.

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