An Introduction to Branch Deep Linking - Webinar

March 22, 2017
Want to learn more about deep linking and what Branch can do to help your app grow?

Branch Co-Founder Mike Molinet walks us through a detailed introduction of Branch's suite of deep linking tools. What are deep links? How does deep linking work? What can I do with Branch?

Mike first covers the basicsof deep linking--what it means and how Branch does it. Then he demonstrates how some of our partners are utilizing deep links to improve their mobile app. These examples will include smart banners, text-me-the-app pages, email marketing links, referral programs, Deepviews, and more.

Branch Metrics is a mobile deep linking SDK that allows you to build sharing and referral programs, personalized welcomes, text-me-the-app banners, and more. Check out http://www.branch.io to learn more or http://www.branch.io/meetups to find a Mobile Growth event near you.