Attribution is Not Enough: The Broken State of Cross-Platform UX (ft. Adobe)

August 22, 2019
In a world with more devices and platforms than ever, brands are faced with a challenge: Create seamless journeys that don’t lose their users at any point along the way. But as users move across multiple devices, channels, and platforms, it has become harder than ever to create those journeys — and attribute how campaigns are performing.

In this lively roundtable on the state of cross-platform user experiences, Eric Stein, EVP and GM of Partnerships at Branch, will be joined by Michael Cao, Sr. Growth Product Marketing Manager at Adobe.

Hosted by Branch, Eric and Michael will discuss:
- The current cross-platform UX challenges today’s brands are facing
- Mobile as the critical focus for successful digital transformation
- How Adobe Spark leveraged Branch to create an incredible user experience — and a 95% increase in conversions