Back to School Preparedness and Driving Re-Engagement with Quizlet

June 22, 2021 journeys, web to app
The pandemic has drastically changed education forever. As COVID-19 forced schools to shut down across the world, e-learning grew to new heights. Quizlet, a global learning platform, provided students with the tools they needed to be successful during a challenging time.

In this webinar, learn from Maddie Groves, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Quizlet, how her team helps guide students through their learning journey using organic growth tactics, personalization and re-engagement strategies.

Watch to learn:

- How to improve the user experience from web to app through personalization
- The importance of leveraging organic growth tactics
- What cross-platform initiatives helped Quizlet's customer engagement thrive
- Quizlet's app growth strategy for back to school post-pandemic