Branch Product Brief: A look back at 2021 and valuable insight into upcoming Branch products

December 09, 2021 journeys, nativelink
Hard to believe that 2022 is right around the corner but Branch has had such an exciting year, and we want to share our favorite highlights with you.

It has taken the entire Branch team to make this one of our biggest years ever. With significant product UX updates, new features, and exciting product innovation (hello, NativeLink), we have greatly expanded our platform capabilities to ensure we continue helping brands navigate an ever-changing marketplace.

Join us as we share Branch product highlights from 2021, walk through our newest features and discuss our future roadmap vision. Plus, take part in our Q&A with our panel of Product Managers and Marketers.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:
-A recap of the biggest 2021 Branch product launches and releases
-The new features behind the Journeys redesign (and sneak peek at some beta features)
-Our new Search-to-App Attribution product
-The roadmap vision heading into 2022