Branch Webinar: Growth Marketing in the Modern World Activation and Retention

December 10, 2020 stanford webinar series
This 4-part webinar series is an abridged version of the Stanford University course taught by Branch Co-founder and VP of Marketing Mada Seghete and Graphite CEO Ethan Smith. Mada and Ethan will teach you growth marketing tactics, frameworks and strategies to grow your app in a fragmented mobile ecosystem. From SEO, to virality, to activation, retention and paid marketing strategies, the course will teach you to move beyond traditional methods to discover the strategies you need to acquire and retain users through every stage of the mobile growth funnel. You'll learn:

Specific strategies for growth down each stage of the funnel
How to achieve growth with both organic and paid strategies
How to make the most out of your paid marketing efforts
How to make your products go viral
How to retain your users long after they've been acquired
The fundamentals of measuring and analyzing growth
This series is a condensed version of the eight week Stanford University course Growth Marketing: Proven Theories Powered by New Technologies taught by Mada and Ethan. The webinar will contain all the course concepts covered in the course.