Building Brand Loyalty Through Exceptional Customer Experience

July 07, 2021
Providing clients with a consistent experience across various channels and platforms is challenging. There are so many different ways for a consumer to engage with a brand these days, be it physical, digital, or through voice.

With the increasing number of touchpoints, how can businesses ensure that their messaging is tailored to each consumer’s needs? And how can marketers and product owners best analyze and understand fragmented user data across different channels?

To help you answer these questions, Tech in Asia hosted a webinar which brought in three experts from Amplitude, Branch, and Up Banking to share to drive brand loyalty and get the most out of their new, existing, and returning customers.

The event will cover the following topics:
- How deep linking creates consistent customer experiences
- How to interpret user data and build a deep-linking marketing strategy
- Where to study and analyze attribution data
- Why customer experience creates brand loyalty