Case Studies

Case Studies

Adobe + Branch | Walgreens Case Study

2,966 views May 12, 2019

Branch’s industry-leading mobile linking technology complements Adobe Experience Cloud by...

Case Studies

Whatsgoodly | SMS content sharing and deferred deep linking to improve mobile user experience

1,999 views March 22, 2017

Sharing content via text message is simple thanks to deferred deep linking. With deferred deep...

Case Studies

Grow your app | Contextual deep links by Branch Metrics

98,418 views March 22, 2017

Branch Metrics is the best way to grow your app and connect your app with the world. We host...

Case Studies

Journeys Web to App

27,196 views March 22, 2017

Journeys™ turns your mobile web traffic into an organic app install channel with smart banners...

Case Studies

Mobile Growth Challenge: Example Submission Video

1,423 views March 22, 2017

We've made an example submission video (complete with fake creators and fake data) so you can get...

Case Studies

Hotel Tonight's two-sided incentivized referral program | Powered by Branch deep links

42,144 views March 22, 2017

A great example of a deep linked incentivized referral program for mobile apps. Check out...

Case Studies

Magra's "text me the app" page | Powered by Branch deep links

4,710 views March 22, 2017

Check out to get started or to...

Case Studies

How Branch Links Work

12,936 views March 22, 2017

At Branch we created a universal link that works on every operating system and browser to deliver...