Case Studies

Case Studies

Yummly | Deep Linking Partnership with Instacart

1,427 views March 22, 2017

By using Branch links in a partnership with one-hour grocery delivery service Instacart, Yummly...

Case Studies

Charlotte Russe | Marketing Deep Links

649 views March 22, 2017

By using deep links in their marketing campaigns, Charlotte Russe is able to drive mobile users...

Case Studies

Dojo Deepviews | Increase app downloads by delivering content to mobile users immediately

2,317 views March 22, 2017

Deepview n. [deep-vyoo] A browser-based rendition (splash page) that is visible on desktop or...

Case Studies

Hotel Tonight's two-sided incentivized referral program | Powered by Branch deep links

40,195 views March 22, 2017

A great example of a deep linked incentivized referral program for mobile apps. Check out...

Case Studies

Magra's "text me the app" page | Powered by Branch deep links

4,033 views March 22, 2017

Check out to get started or to...

Case Studies

How Branch Links Work

5,530 views March 22, 2017

At Branch we created a universal link that works on every operating system and browser to deliver...