Digital Transformation for Agile Customer Experiences

June 18, 2020
Set against the backdrop of COVID-19, the current times have created a need for businesses to adjust in tandem with their customers' changing needs. For many industries, digital transformation has had a renewed level of interest with companies looking to build customer experiences for mobile; and transition their users into a better and engaged digital world. Over the past few months, we have talked to mobile leaders and asked what they have done to respond to this shift.

In this webinar, we will share:

What we have learned from interacting with leaders from leading brands
Best practices for digital transformation and strategies to advance with agile experience solutions
Seamless user experiences across all consumer touchpoints
Performance measurement driving significantly higher revenues

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to gather insights and best practices that help drive meaningful change for your business.


Justin Maffei, AdTech Lead (ASEAN), Accenture
Govind Kavaturi, Director of Partnerships (APAC), Branch