Hindsight 2021: Privacy Changes that Shook Mobile Marketing

December 02, 2021 nativelink
What an exciting year 2021 has been for mobile advertisers. We felt it would be perfect to end the year with a quick recap of the biggest changes we saw in the mobile advertising space, especially with respect to all the SANs beyond just Apple. Let’s take a moment to capture some key highlights, touch upon Branch’s solutions for these developments, and leave you on a high note with a glimpse into how you can level up your advertising this holiday season with some cool and nifty new features. And, as always, you can be rest assured all our new features and updates help you stay compliant as you run your ad operations.

In this webinar, we will:
-Look back at the year’s three biggest privacy updates
-Review Branch’s response to each
-Get a sneak peek into a powerful feature in beta (psst...one that is going to have your competitors wondering how you finished the year so strong)
-Plus, take part in our Q&A with our panel of veteran Product Marketers and Engineers