Life After User Breakup — Winback Strategies to Rekindle Your Churned Users

August 27, 2021 engagement, retention
The day a user churns, uninstalls your app, or stops using your product is a sad day for your team — but does that have to be the end of your relationship with that user? Can you bring them back? With the rise and fall of COVID, people are ready to double down on what they’ve missed out on during the pandemic. While travel, entertainment, and shopping verticals have all been getting a nice boost as a result of “revenge spending,” what can they do once this trend passes? For brands that do not struggle with seasonality, how should they deal with life after their users break up with them (aka the dreaded churn)?

Join us to learn:

- What is churn and how brands should leverage omnichannel relationships to battle against churn.
- The difference between Brand Churn and App Churn and the intricacies of the two.
- Why churn is not about uninstalls and starts at the point of app download.
- Winback strategies that build value for your end users and the right time to use each strategy.