Mobile Transformation, Ep. 1: Optimize Web & App Strategies to Achieve Higher ROI

The explosive growth of mobile and native apps have transformed the ways consumers engage with brands. To adapt to the increasingly mobile-savvy consumers, companies need to adopt an open mindset and explore innovative solutions.

Branch has designed the Mobile Transformation webinar series as a platform and invited thought-leaders from various industries to share strategies and best practices that drive growth, engagement, and retention on mobile.

Join us for a 30-minute interview with Amanda Goetz, the VP of Consumer & Product Marketing over at The Knot. We’ll talk about everything in mobile, from the most - and least - successful campaigns to best practices to drive growth and revenue. We’ll have plenty of time to take questions live - register today to secure your spot.

On our first episode of the Mobile Transformation series, we'll cover:
-Mobile growth best practices
-Real-world strategies for winning growth campaigns, and what to avoid
-Tactics on how to succeed in the mobile ecosystem