[Preview] How Spirit Airlines' Mobile Growth Soared Above the Pandemic

November 08, 2021
Full webinar: https://video.branch.io/how-spirit-airlines-mobile-growth-1

Despite the pandemic, Spirit Airlines has continued to soar above the pandemic clouds by investing in their mobile strategy. Join us as Sandeep, Head of Mobile & Kiosk at Spirit Airlines, shares how Spirit Airlines continues to achieve app growth by honing in on their multi-channel engagement strategies including web to app, email to app, push notifications and more.
In this webinar you’ll learn:

- How Spirit Airlines achieved a 52% click-to-install rate for new user acquisition
- What cross platform initiatives helped Spirit Airlines’ customer engagement thrive
- How Spirit Airlines strengthened customer trust and satisfaction through transforming traditional in-person airport interactions to in-app functionality
- Spirit Airlines’ acquisition strategy during the pandemic & beyond