The End Of The Track(ing): WWDC 2021 Summary And What iOS 15 Means For Mobile Product Managers & Marketers

June 17, 2021
At WWDC 2021, Apple revealed that privacy will continue to be a key focus for their products. Among the changes coming in iOS 15 are a new App Privacy Report, SKAdNetwork Enhancements, App Clip Enhancements, Hide My Email feature, and iCloud + Private Relay. Our team has been reviewing videos, documentation, and everything Apple has put out to provide a comprehensive summary and analysis on how these changes will affect the mobile marketing world.

Join us to learn:

- What changes were covered during WWDC 2021 regarding iOS 15, ATT, and Apple's privacy pillars.
- Why functionalities like deep linking are now more important than ever.
- Branch’s position on these changes and how mobile marketers should prepare.