The Gift that Keeps on Giving: How Can You Turn Mobile Holiday Shoppers into Year-Round Customers?

The 31 days encompassing last year’s holiday season delivered over 20% of the total $4.8 trillion 2016 U.S. retail spend. And, mobile users accounted for 65% of visits and 30% of sales over 2017’s Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

So what can be done to harness the juggernaut of mobile shopping in the last two weeks before Christmas? Is it too late to make a strategic plan?

The National Retail Federation reports that up to 40% of the holiday spend happens in the 10 days before Christmas. So no, it’s definitely not too late to take action for 2017 - nor is it too early to start thinking about a strategic plan for 2018.

By understanding the latest mobile shopping trends and your customer journey, you can not only spur holiday sales with user engagement, but also use sales to boost user acquisition and retention throughout the next year.

In this webinar presented by Branch and RetailMeNot, you’ll learn:
-How holidays impact consumer behaviors online, and what that means for your mobile acquisition, retention, and re-engagement strategy
-How to leverage the holidays to fuel all-year growth
-How to improve your customer experience to retain those holiday shoppers in 2018 and beyond
-How to make the most of the last 2 weeks before Christmas