Mastering Cross Platform Advertising Strategies

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Providing seamless user experiences and tracking campaign performance across channels, platforms,...


The Topline Impact of Loyalty Programs and Improved Customer Experience

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The Branch Fraud Prevention Suite

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Retargeting Done Right: A Look into Creative Success with Shipt, Remerge, and Branch

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China Agency Webinar

59 views October 31, 2019

Branch 深知,营销代理机构为我们的共同客户执行重要的业务职能。因此,我们诚邀您观看我们的网络研讨会录播,了解 Branch 的用户体验和归因解决方案可如何支持您客户的市场活动。


Powering Digital Agencies with Cross Platform insights

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Snapchat x Branch 另辟社交流量转化新路径

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The Death of App Attribution

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