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Whatsgoodly | SMS content sharing and deferred deep linking to improve mobile user experience

March 22, 2017
Sharing content via text message is simple thanks to deferred deep linking.

With deferred deep linking, clicking on a link that points to content inside an app you haven’t installed will bring you to the download page inside the app store. After downloading and opening the app, you will automatically be routed to the piece of content you were expecting – no search required. How does that work? Theoretically, the app stores are a barrier for information and analytics. After installing an app, the store won’t share where a user originally comes from and what he is looking for. In order to still direct you to the right place, deep linking solutions use something called device or fingerprint matching in order to connect a user before and after they enter the app store. Basically, once a user clicks on a deep link, a fingerprint of the user is taken in the browser and classified as an “outstanding match.” After installing the app the user is (very) quickly matched with his original fingerprint, and subsequently matched with the experience he was looking for.

Which brings us to contextual deep linking. With contextual deep linking you can pass information through the app store, e.g. the referring information that is required for deferred deep linking. But this is only the beginning – contextual deep links can also transport information about who the user is, where he is coming from, which ad campaign he clicked, which friend has referred him or which promotion code he wants to apply to his order. With contextual deep linking, developers can give users the most personalized and targeted app experience possible, especially when they open the app for the first time (also known as onboarding). Beyond that, with contextual deep links marketers are able to analyze exactly which advertising campaigns and marketing channels are effective at converting, and which are not.

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