Your App Users Are More Valuable Than You Think - Here's Why, and How Much

"Mobile First" was so last decade. To triumph in 2021 and beyond, marketers must think “App First.” However, many businesses leave money on the table because they fail to optimize their best source of growth: existing traffic! The revenue potential and cost savings of driving App adoption can be enormous, yet is often deprioritized when competing teams don't fully quantify the upside of Apps.

Join Branch’s Director of Business Strategy, Reed Kuhn as he examines some of the most important (and sometimes unloved) organic sources of growth. Understand what they are worth, and how to capture that value. Attendees will get a peek behind the curtain of over 60,000 mobile businesses, with insights into best practices with a growth hacker mindset.

Key Topics:

- How to think about App value relative to mobile and digital growth
- Gracefully migrate users to your App from a variety of channels for higher lifetime value
- Deeplink users from every engagement pathway to maximize the benefit of every MAU