Mobile Growth Meetups

Zen and the Art of Product Growth ft. Poshmark, STRAVA, Adobe and Workato

May 12, 2021
How do you position Product as the driver of user acquisition, retention, and expansion?

Hear from a panel of experts on what Growth, Acquisition, Discovery means to them, how they created successful campaigns, and what they recommend other Growth leaders do to make an impact in the growth of mobile users.

In this panel you'll hear about:

- How Product can be the heart of user acquisition, retention, and beyond.

- How to measure success: metrics, OKRs, how to respond to changes in product performance, customer behavior, and revenue.

- Customer metrics that matter

Jared Ben-Jamin, Customer Success Manager at Branch
Chris Gallello, Senior Growth Product Manager at Strava
Ray Manzano, Senior Product Manager, Growth and Site at Adobe Stock
Rishi Mallik, Head of Growth at Workato
Brindusa Manolache, Product Manager at Poshmark